The world’s top dance clubs take the floor: handling a community of fans

Music Marketing: What’s your policy regarding replying and retweeting on Facebook and Twitter? Daniel Bacho (Head of Public Relations, Roxy Prague): We do need to communicate with fans if they ask or try to bring up some issue, but we do not tend to discuss with them online. The worst you could get is bunch[…]

Creating Your Music Business Identity

You need to define your brand identity, your product’s ‘personality,’ before you spend any money on advertising or marketing. Companies that market their products or services without first establishing their brand identities are not likely to achieve a return on investment (ROI). If you’re spending money to advertise and market without being connected to a[…]

Хештеги музыкального маркетинга в Twitter |Twitter tips for clubs and music promoters

 Twitter tips for clubs and music promoters: Boost your performance with the suitable tools  #socialmention To track mentions of your brand, your competitors and your activity on Twitter and other social networks. #twitonomy To get a valuable radiography of your main activity indicators on Twitter. #hootsuite To dashboard your way through social media at full[…]

Примеры пресс-релизов конца 1990-х на английском языке

  el NET to Launch PEN Website January 9, 1997, New York City — PEN American Center, the New York branch of the International Writers Association, has partnered with el NET, a New York based ISP, to launch its new web site on January 22nd. The announcement came from Brooks Williams, president of el NET.[…]

Top 10 world’s most costly paintings

1. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt ($ 135,000,000)The record sale — which followed a court order by the Austrian government to return Bloch-Bauer painting to his legatees — was the culmination of a years-long controversy over this painting looted by Nazis during the World War II. The portrait was handed down in 2006[…]

Some facts about US art market

Some facts about US art market Some facts about US art dealers and galleries industry — about 6,500 stores — combined annual revenue of about $8 billion — average annual revenue per worker is about $360,000 No major companies dominate the industry, which is fragmented: the top 50 companies generate about 30 percent of industry[…]

Art Strategy – When Selling Your Art It Is Important to Have a Specific Strategy

Do you know how why having a specific art strategy will increases your chances of success as an artist, increasing your exposure, and allowing you to make a living as an artist? You will when you read this article on the importance of having a specific art strategy. Whether you are an artist just starting[…]

Art Promotion- Remember the Marketing Rule of 3 to Increase Your Profits

Do you know how to increase the profits of your art promotion? You will when you read this article on including the Marketing Rule of 3 in your art promotion. In direct marketing, every marketing piece is measured as far as how many postcards, direct mail, fliers, catalogs, etc. was sent, who was contacted and[…]

Why Direct Mail Is Still A Viable Marketing Medium to Market and Sell Your Art!

BY CHARLES GEORGE Post Office Carnage, Price Increases and How This is All Advantageous to You! On May 14, 2009, the US Post Office increased the price to mail. So what is the cause and effect of all of the recent postal price increases over the last couple of years? Well according to a recent[…]

The Power of Newsletters Combined with Free Gifts

BY CHARLES GEORGE From a marketing aspect, newsletters are essential to remind customers about you and your art. It is always good to be informative about your career and what is happening with your art. Moreover, it is important to pick a date and make sure you send the newsletter on that date every month.[…]