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Лекция Theodore E. Stebbins Jr. Taste for American Art: Heroes, Villains, and the Art Market Today

Harvard art professor Theodore E. Stebbins Jr. discusses the interests and the influence of such pioneering art collectors as William T. Evans, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, and Maxim Karolik. Stebbins examines the ways taste changes, how certain styles or artists come to be admired, and the historical irrationality of the art market.

This is a very interesting presentation on art collecting throughout American history. This is presentation is presented by Theodore E. Stebbins Jr. curator, American Art, Harvard University. It a shares a very historical perspective on collecting


Renior’s Controversial Works of Art

Pierre August Renoir created some 4000 pictures in his lifetime. Martha Teichner looks at the controversy about his late work and how, even though his hands were completely crippled by arthritis, he kept painting until the day he died.

According to this video, some critics try to avoid Renior’s work from the last decade of his life. Some critique the quality of the paintings compared to his earlier art, but what did you learn from the video and from watching the video of Renior


Edward Dolman on the art market

The Economist interviews the head of Christie’s on new collectors and old artworks. Added to www.audiovideo.economist.com in November 2009

So What Did You Learn From This Interview? The Art market is changing with the economy in many ways and on a global level. Christies is responding to the changing market by offering different services such as more private treaties vs. more …

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